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Automatic Door Not Working? What to try first.

When working on an automatic door the first thing to prioritize is patience. Commonly when faced with a nonfunctional automatic door we begin to rush and create problems out of nothing. We want to first identify what the door is doing wrong, is it not opening, or is it making an odd noise, acting sporadically? These are all problems that can arise when a door is automated. 

          Firstly, verify the mode selector switch positions. All doors have some type of input mechanism, most have a variety of switches such as an On/Off Switch, Exit Only Switch, and a Partial Open Switch. All of the switch’s functions are fairly self-explanatory and are typically labeled on the door however in the event the person shutting the door down was in a rush or was unaware of what they were doing it is very possible they could have switched one accidentally causing the door to not function correctly.

          Secondly, ensure that all of the panels are in their resting positions. Automatic Doors are equipped with a special break-out function that will shut the door down in the event of an emergency. There are commonly magnets or switches that communicate to the door control that all panels are where they need to be allowing the door to function. If the panels are not broken out and either the magnet or switch has become compromised the door will not function and a service professional will be needed to affect repairs.

          Lastly, if the previously mentioned tips did not correct the issue and the door is moving when power is supplied but not correctly, try stepping away from the door and allowing it ample time to complete any potential relearns it may be attempting to do. Most sensors along with door controls have built-in relearn features that will sense obstructions or objects and if sensing something incorrectly within a given time they will correct themselves.

          I hope the literature above has helped you fix your door however if you are still in need of assistance our service professionals are available at any time to assist and we’d be more than happy to help; give us a call! (804)655-0912.