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AAADM Automatic Door Inspections, are they needed?

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) is the governing body for safety guidelines of all ADA-Compliant Automatic Doors. AAADM is a conglomerate of major manufacturers of automatic sliding and swinging doors. AAADM provides the courses and literature in which it certifies technicians. It also provides companies who participate in AAADM Automatic Door Inspections and their guidelines a level of protection from legal liability and litigation in the face of injury.

AAADM recommends an annual AAADM Automatic Door inspection for all ADA-compliant doors. The inspection tests are brief but test the door’s ability to operate safely to mitigate potential hazards of use. AAADM inspections also allow for standard preventative maintenance checks, general cleaning, and lubricating of automatic door systems. This preventative maintenance ensures the maximum lifespan of the door and mitigates potential needless wear and tear.

AAADM Automatic Door Inspections

With that being said you do not have to take our word for it, jump over to AAADM’s website where they also outline some of the benefits of using AAADM Certified technicians to install/service your commercial entry systems.

Does Automatic Door Fix do AAADM Automatic Door Inspections?

At Automatic Door Fix, a Virginia Automatic Door Repair company. We offer the service of scheduling and performing your annual inspections and preventative maintenance for you. ADF has the industry experience to help you navigate what is needed and what can be forgone. After years of helping thousands of a wide variety of customers, it’s very common to find yourself in a position where due to lack of knowledge you’re left feeling like you may not be getting the best deal. Don’t be exposed to upselling and commission-driven companies; let Automatic Door Fix be your partner in Automatic or Manual door maintenance.

Should you still have questions or concerns regarding these inspections, we would love to hear from you at Automatic Door Fix. Feel free to give us a call to discuss further benefits and or to schedule your inspection today. Click the link below to find our contact information. Automatic Door Fix looks forward to becoming a resource for your business.